Monday, 16 May 2016

TEST : Endura MT500 Enduro Backpack

MOMENTUM Long term review.....
Endura MT500 Enduro Backpack

It's not another enduro backpack, you can carry life in it.....

The MT500 is the new 15lt backpack from endura. With attention to the detail it features a level 2 Koroyd  back protector (with CE 1621 certification) with great fit and design similar to a "hive" whitch provides great breathability and safety. The construction of the backpack is super lightweight, yet really durable with splash proof and water repellent fabric where is needed. The zippers are waterproof and the straps for the helmet carrier and for the "extra" stuff at the bottom of the backpack feature a metal hook instead of the classic plastic clips  that makes your life easier been really easy to realease and yet  keeping the "bombproof"  character of the bag. The backpack has 2 main big pockets with the big one featuring the case for the hydrapack and the second one with some inner pockets for the pump and some tools providing an extra, small, removable pack for the tools.

 It features also another small pocket on the top of the bag for sunglasses or phone and 2 easy to access pockets on the  really good vented adjustable stretch waist belt. The bag is almost pre shaped but yet adjustable in order to achieve great fit and excellent weight distribution. All the parts of the bag that are in contact with the rider are really well designed providing great comfort and ventilation through a 3D design of the special foam inside the net.

Been using the backpack for 4 months now in every single mountain bike ride and everyday commute , during long hours hiking excursions  and even in snowboarding both for it's great comfort and protection I've noticed no sign of ware out nether  on the fabric nor on the elastic bands or anything else. Even in rainy rides or snowy conditions after snowboarding for the whole day my stuff kept dry. But it's not only about the specs and the quality, what cannot be described unless you test it yourself is the feeling of the bag, with it's exceptional design and fit distributes the weight in a way you don't bother no matter what activity you do and it doesn't let it move giving you great manoeuvrability. Also being confident with the quality and the fit of the Koroyd protector MT500 can be ideal also for the "bikepark slayers" who need to combine good back protection, comfort and the ability to carry at least some water and tools for the "day-till-noon shread".

Marios Big Papa


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