Sunday, 27 October 2013

Prices: Academic Year 2016 / 2017 .

Standard Lesson ( group lesson ):
- All Mountain/beginners : 25.eur per person 3 hours ( min 3, max 20 riders)
- Downhill/Enduro: 30.eur per person  3/4 hours ( min 3, max 15 riders )
- JUMPS ONLY lesson : 20.eur per person 3/4 hours ( min 3, max 15 riders)

3 lessons : 75 euro
5 lesson : 100 euro
10 lessons: 150euro
the packages are not nominal ( you can share it with a friend ), has no expiration date and does not need to be used in consequential lessons.

Private lesson:
- please contact for more details and prices

contacts and booking:

Alessio ( speaking: Eng, Ita, Ro, Gr ) :
+30 6956444887

Marios: ( speaking: Eng, Gr )
+30 6981768406

Momentum mtb academy is a brand of:
Free Raid Company LTD
UI. Lom 1B, Sofia, Bulgaria

Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to be a Mountain bikes ( video )

BACK TO SCHOOL ! All Mountain lesson (19th October '13) Photos

All mountain is the essence of Mountain biking. We have a good day with Makis and Dimitris. 

we <3 Mountain Bike

Kymi Downhill race 2013

Kimi Evia ! amazing Greece again!!! 

Alessio on Practice:

 sometime a kid with an Ipad (George Tsili) can be better than 10000 professional photographers and big cameras !! eheheh 

Too bad the drop was closed 'couse of the wind the race ! :(

Race day !


Dimitris                                                              Panos

Final result good for Momentum!

First race after 4 month of stop for Alessio he finished 4th Master , 8th Master for Dimitris and 6th Junior for the young Panos.

1st Pilion Downhill race ( Chania Pilion )

A new trail a new race , new people and a pleasant surprise!

Kalavrita 2013 downhill race

We love Kalavrita, everythink about it is good: organization, trail, village and food!!

We had almost the full team over there on that Peloponisos Mountain:

Philip, Irene, Marios BigPapa, Panos, Alessio and Dimitris


BigPapa style

Irene and an intruder :)

Philip and friend

Race time:









Marios Big Papa proved that , even after a scary crash in practice, can be lethal on the All Mountain bike and closed in the 2nd place

Alessio finished 4th in the Master category, good result considering it was his second race after a 4 month forced stop.

Well done to the Juniors , Philip and Panos getting faster and faster also is a track demanding like kalavrita, and Irene, only woman racing, keeping the pace of most of the men!!