Tuesday, 22 December 2015


 After few test races in the Enduro World Series last year the Young Scottish Sam Flockhart is coming for training in Greece, looking for good weather and dry terrain in order to be ready for his 2016 full racing season as a CUBE FACTORY PILOT around the World.

 We are going to have the great opportunity to have a Seminary about Enduro racing technics with him on SUNDAY January 10th at Ymmitos.

 All Riders of MEDIUM LEVEL and higher are welcome.

 MAX NUMBER OF RIDERS 20 10:30 meeting at "Pirofilakeio Kessariani" - Mount Ymmitos - Athens - Greece

 for more details and Prices please contact us: momentum.mtb.academy@hotmail.com +30 6956444887 that's all for now !!

 about Sam:
 Scottish champion
European Champion
Overall Maxxis European cup series champion
15th position Maxxis cup series overall
Rode for Junior GB world championship team 2010
Podium results at junior World cup races
Podium at National events and British champs
Cyclocross podium position
TCL trained
PVG Disclosure
NC certificate in sporting performance
HNC in Sports coaching and development
Former SCIS member First Aid Trained In Sporting Injuries

 2013 1st place Greek Open Downhill championship...


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