Thursday, 5 June 2014

Endura MT500 Spray Baggy Shorts - Alessio's long term review

I' ve got the pants during the winter season and  wear them ever since, for almost every AM ride and Downhill as well.

 The Endura MT500 are incredibly light and fell like wearing bib shorts, not baggy pants. The comfort is incredible wile pedaling thanks also to the clickfast underpants,  the perfect fit makes them really good for technical downhill section too, they never got grabber by my saddle or anything else.

 The pockets are all in cleaver places, easy to access also wearing gloves and of good size, really usefull for a long AM ride, so you don't need to reach your back pack for an energy bar or your multi-tool.
 In Greece we don't have a particularly cold or wet weather so I was told that this all season pants with waterproof back side was too much for our Mediterranean country, but I have to say that I really enjoy to have a dry butt during the few muddy rides and I have to admit are well ventilated and cool also during the hot Greek early Summer days.

 After riding with this pants in mud, rain, hot dusty days and also having a couple of good crashes ( I'm writing wile recovering from a dislocated shoulder) they still look like new !

  The Endura MT500 are available from XS to XXL they can fit from Girls to Giants and at a reasonable price too!
A lot of colors options.....not ! Black and black eh eh, what to say about it? Black goes with everything !

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